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We help our students understand concepts that confuse them, strengthen study habits and develop a passion for learning.

Educación en línea
Estudiante de ayuda

We offer door-to-door academic tutoring in Bogotá and virtual tutoring worldwide, as well as virtual group courses on different topics and subjects.


We believe that confidence, motivation and fun are key in the learning process. 


This is why we hire university students or recent graduates as tutors. Their proximity to our students helps the latter feel more confortable asking questions and more motivated to learn.

We help our students understand concepts that confuse them

We create a pleasant learning environment so that our students feel comfortable asking questions and solving all their concerns.

We strengthen study habits


We motivate our students towards excellence through comprehensive and useful long-term support, focused on improving study habits.

We help our students develop a passion for learning

We believe that by mixing our students' interests into their learning process, they will begin to see purpose in what they are learning.

In Say What? we see learning as an individual process.  Our tutors are young people with excellent pedagogical skills  and trained to teach subjects in English and Spanish.


Our tutors know that sometimes it is difficult to admit that one does not understand in front of the whole class, or that a small distraction can make one feel lost for the rest of the session. The generational proximity between our tutors and students helps to create a favorable environment in the tutoring sessions, where learning becomes a pleasant and fun experience.

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