Say What? is a tutoring company made up of a group of young, proactive and bilingual individuals in Bogota and Medellín, Colombia.

We offer high quality door-to-door and virtual tutoring, whether you need to schedule weekly reinforcement classes or you need a tutor right away to help you study for an exam. 

We believe trust and motivation are key in the process of learning. This is why we hire university students or recent graduates as tutors. Their proximity to our students helps the latter feel more confortable asking questions and more motivated to learn.


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About Say What?


1. Help our students understand concepts that confuse them

As young university students, our tutors understand the pressures, fears and insecurities that arise when concepts aren't clear in the classroom. This is why we focus on developing a tutor-student relationship where the former feels confortable asking questions and solving all of his/her doubts. 

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Say What Tutors

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Our Service


Personalized tutoring for school and university subjects 


Time management classes focused on improving study habits.



Preparation for standarized tests.


Personalized language courses focused on the needs of our clients.

Browse the subject you need, choose the schedule and tutor that bets suits you and let us help you become the best student you can be!